Flowing Mountains Sangha

A Community of Mindful Living in the Tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in Helena, Montana.

Meets every Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm

@ Mountains & Rivers building, 825 Helena Ave

FORMAT: Walking & Sitting Meditation: 6:30 & 7:00 pm; Program: 7:30 pm; Closing: 8:30 pm

Flowing Mountains is actively served by four Order of Interbeing members, as well as many committed practitioners. Our OI members are as follows:

  1. Sandra SuZanne ("Zan") Murray, a writer and editor, and co-founder of Flowing Mountains. She also enjoys gardening, cooking, and handcrafts.

  2. Jonathan Matthews, a professor at Carroll College and a co-founder of Flowing Mountains. He is also a national champion racewalker.

  3. Stan Voreyer, a retired mental health care provider. He has taken Thay's advice of living a non-busy life to be his foremost practice.

  4. Ann Kuntzweiler is exploring right livelihood through life coach certification.




Dear Friends,

            Spring has arrived on the calendar and is pushing through in Nature. Tiny buds on tree limbs evidence life replenishing itself. The snow is melting, and everywhere we see rivulets of water flowing in the streets. So much water. So much moisture.

Breathing in, I am aware of the element of water in me,

Breathing out, I smile to the element of water in me

Together may we find ways to take care of this precious gift.

 Programs for April (the month of showers)

    Recitation and reflection on the Five Mindfulness Trainings, facilitated by Sue.

 9     Reading and discussion of Nothing To It, facilitated by Michelle.

 16  Check-in ~ an opportunity to share our joys and concerns, facilitated by Sue.

 23   Steve will share his Way Seeking Talk.

 30   Reading and discussion of Nothing To It, facilitated by Fred.

 Meditation begins at 6:30 p.m.; Program hour begins at 7:30 p.m.

At 825 Helena Avenue (Rivers and Mountains building).

First Thursday breakfast at 7a.m. at the No Sweat Café on April 4

 May wind and rain be favorable,

The Program Committee




Monthly Programs:

1st Tues: Mindfulness Trainings (guidelines for ethical living)

2nd Tues: Meditation (instruction, practice)

3rd Tues: Sharing the Way (teachings, talks)

4th Tues: Nurturing Wisdom & Compassion (discussion, guided practice)


Flowing Mountains Sangha
River & Mountains Bldg.
825 Helena Ave.
Helena, MT 59601

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